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Friday, July 31, 2009

Question of the Week

Did you choose to name your baby, and if so, what was the inspiration behind your childs name?


Heather said...

I named my son Logan David. We had Logan picked out for our first child, but she ended up being a girl. The name Logan originates from the character Wolverine. My husband and I had a hard time thinking out boy names that we could both agree on, so I started naming off super heroes and thier "human" names. Logan was the only name we could ever agree on. David came from my husbands father's middle name. It is also my husbands name, but he said he was naming Logan after his father.

Heather said...

We named our first of 2 lost twins Bridgitte Faith. We hadn't picked names yet, and we had known for over a month she wasn't going to make it. We chose Bridgitte because my husband had an aunt with that name who died as a child. I had wanted Hope for the middle name, because I had so much for her twin. But my husband said Hope made him think of Bob Hope (??!!??) so he suggested Faith, which I loved, and that was that.
My second little girl who was born into heaven 3 weeks later we gave the name that was the top contender at the time, Ashlyn. I wanted one of her names to be a saint's name, and was thinking of something botanical, since my name is Heather, and came up with Olivia. There is a Saint Olivia from Sicily, which is where my Grandmother who passed on 3 days before Bridgitte was from, so I liked that. At that point I had been through so much physically and emotionally I think my husband would've let me use anything-maybe even Hope if I wanted to!

Barbara said...

We didn't have a name picked out. George was high on my list and it had been my grandfather's name. After George was born I was desperate for him to have a name and so Ray chose the name that was my favourite but not his. I will forever be grateful for that choice.


Funsize said...

We picked out names long before my husband and I were pregnant, back when we were dating. My husband's name was supposed to be Collin, but his dad and maternal grandmothe didn't like it, so they chose another name. So we took the name; his last name is after his paternal grandfather. I don't think we'll ever be able to choose a more perfect name.

Emmy said...

Oy! I'm so far behind this week! (sorry)

Yasar and I have always turned name-choosing time into a battle. He's from Syria, and with being Syrian comes all the cultural biases against Jewish people. The bulk of our names in the English language are of Jewish heritage. And I won't name my child anything that has to be spelled - it's bad enough they'll spend their whole lives spelling their last name.

So we came up with Leila, which is Persian and means dark beauty (she was destined to be a brunette). And we chose Mae as her middle name, my mom and my gremom's middle name. Little did I know it would also be her birth month.