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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ways to Memorialize Your Baby

After my son Logan died I found that I was desperate to find ways for him to "leave his mark" on this earth, physically.  One of the things that I did was to plant a tree in is honor in a local park.  You can see that here.  I also had a name print done and had his name written in the sand by Carly (many parents print this photo off and hang it on their wall) and had a necklace made with his name and Angelversary on it by a fellow DBM.  There are so many ways in which we can memorialize our children.  Here are a few more:

Memory Blanket (from your childs clothes)
Have your childs portrait Sketched 
Angel Pics (free Photo Retouching for Stillborn Babies)

Some folks like to plant gardens or a specific plant, make stepping stones, create a water pond or have an area put aside especially for the belongings of their angel baby.  Many local places allow you to purchase bricks or plaques in memory or your child(ren), places like your local library, school, activity center, church or park.  Here are a few other nice ideas.  If you did something, bought something, or heard about something that you think would be beneficial for another grieving family, please do share.


Mary said...

Thank you for sharing these sites. I am looking into them as I can never do enough for Lukas.

sooze said...

We had a tree planted in our local park and we placed Will's ashes there (3 1/2 yrs ago). We put origami cranes in it on his birthday and for others who need honoring. It has become a place to be with who he has become to us. We also put our son Tiger's ashes there this fall- sadly to be with his brother. I have an intense vertical scar up my front that will forever remind me of Tiger. My husband wanted something permanent to remind him of our boys as well so we both got an amazing tattoo of a tree and a tiger in the bark of the tree. The ritual and memorializing of our sons has been very integrative and comforting to us.

Heather said...

Emily, over at http://mumblingsfromtroyohio.blogspot.com/ (you'll need an invite) told me that to commenorate her daughter's one year she sent up balloons with "Forget-Me-Not" flower seeds in them.

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The idea of having gardens and creating some water ponds is great too. It can make the house better..

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