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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Warning - Contains a Dead Baby (a directory)

This is a list of movies, books and other media that are known to contain a miscarriage, stillbirth, dead baby, abortion or anything else that might feel like a kick in the gut in you're not prepared. This may ruin a few things for you, so be forewarned. Please add to the list using the comment section below. Be sure to include the title and what the warning is for.

Revolutionary Road - A self inflicted Abortion seems to be the main focus of the movie.
The Curious Tale of Benjamin Button - Shows a baby die at the end.
Marley & Me - Miscarriage
What Dreams May Come - The main focus is about the mother's inability to grasp her children's death, and her husbands inability to help his wife.
Battle in Seattle - Stillbirth
Blue Planet - A baby whale is attacked and killed and it shows the mother mourning, very sad!
Up! - Digital Short has storks delivering baby.  In the movie Carl and his wife learn they have either lost a baby or they can't have one.

TV Shows:
HawthoRNe - One episode in Season 1 shows a mother leave her 3 month old in the car and she dies.  THEY SHOW IT!
Rescue Me

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer - A quick reference to Esme's dead baby.
Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer - Talk of "getting rid of" a baby and other leery conversations that might make a DBM uneasy.
Handle With Care by Jodi Picoult - The baby dies at the end, a lot of abortion issues about a child with a terminal outlook.
Host by Stephanie Meyer - Mutilated alien babies, but she reacts quite strongly.


Funsize said...

The movie What Dreams May Come- not necessarily about a dead baby, but the two main characters loose their children, and the mother deals with it pretty badly. Makes me cry every time I see the funeral scene.

Isla's Mommy said...

In the movie Battle in Seattle Charlize Theron's character suffers a stillbirth after being struck in the stomach by an over zealous riot cop during the 1999 WTO protests in Seattle. I know the movie is based on real life events, but I'm not sure if the characters are fictionalized or not. Either way, I'd recommend sitting this one out. I watched it while I was pregnant with Isla (after a first trimester miscarriage and before stillbirth) and I sobbed throughout the entire film. I'm still haunted by it.

Anonymous said...

The Blue Planet, first DVD, a baby whale dies and they show the attack and the mourning mother. Very sad.

Unknown said...

Up, the Pixar movie. The digital short was about storks delivering babies. In the movie, Carl and his wife learned that they either lost a baby, or can't have one.

Heather said...

This and former seasons of "Rescue Me".

Sophie said...

Astro Boy... Didn't realise that Astro is a robot created to replace a dead child of a scientist. It is handled sensitively but I wish I had known about it beforehand. Triggered some powerful emotions.

Anonymous said...

antichrist...very disturbing film about a psychologically ill mother and her husband, beginns with the death of their son.

Sophie said...

The Duchess. References to two stillborn baby boys.

Anonymous said...

There is a movie coming out soon entitled "The Road." DO NOT read the identically titled book. There is a scene in the book that is so disturbing that the director chose to remove the scene from the movie.

Anonymous said...

DOMINION: PREQUEL TO THE EXORCIST-played on the Syfy channel as of recently has a scene with a stillborn baby, very horrid but quick scene.

Heather said...

The book "The Shack", and episodes of 09's Greys, and Private Practice

Lisa and Jonathan said...

*BOOK* The Godmother by Carrie Adams has a lot of talk of miscarriage and goes in graphic detail of one.

Anonymous said...

The Blind Assassin, book by Margaret Atwood has a semi-graphic scene about the mother miscarrying a child.

colleen said...

movie - julie & julia. julia child doesn't really speak about it directly, but it is obvious she is dealing with infertility and possible miscarriage.

Amanda said...

Book - Plain Truth, Jodi Picoult
about a young girl who gives birth, the baby dies, and she hides it in a barn. the book is about the prosecution of the girl, and the conflicts within her Amish community/family.

Heather said...

Book & TV: The Sookie Stackhouse/TruBlood books and TV show. They cover pretty much every aspect of babyloss, over and over and over. It got tiring and was unnecessary and didn't add a thing to the story.

Nicole said...

For some reason I know of several... :/

Movie - "Candy"
A woman gives birth to a stillborn son. It was very graphic and realistic. They held him and cried over him. (Watched it a week before my daughter was stillborn, gave away our copy of the movie)

Movie - "The Time Traveler's Wife"
A woman has several disturbing miscarriages.

TV - "Nip/Tuck"
I've only seen season 1 but there were episodes that really boiled my blood and made me wanna stop watching. A woman has a miscarriage is "relieved." Her entire selfish attitude was very insulting.
Later in the season, a woman is pregnant after a one night stand and talks about having a 3rd abortion, then pretends to go through with it just to be spiteful.

Movie - "First Born"
A new mother goes through severe postpartum and ends up burying her baby alive (who actually comes up with something so appalling?!).

Movie - "Orphan"
The movie starts with a mother having a dream about her stillbirth. It is very graphic and disturbing. She grieves this baby during parts of the rest of the movie.

Elaine said...

Movie - Zombieland. Watched it last night and it made me cry. Woody Harrelson's character loses his toddler son to a zombie attack. They don't show it or go into detail but he has flashbacks of when his son was happy and alive.

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen the movie, but "Junebug" (movie) ends with a stillbirth.

Heather said...

The very last episode of Sparticus: Blood & Sand (Season 1) a pregnant woman has a sword run through her pregnant belly by the father.

Sarah said...

Movie: For Colored Girls

The father is hanging his kids out a 3rd floor window and drops them.

Anonymous said...

the other woman with natalie portman. the entire movie is about her dealing with the loss of her baby.

Heather said...

A Game of Throwns, thw whole series. They mention butchered children, stillborns and other horrors from the dark ages.

Heather said...

The last episode of "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" season 4. Ben & Adrian have a stillborn.

Lori said...

An American Horror Story, new series on FX. The beginning of the first episode shows many body parts and dead babies preserved in glass jars. The main characters have had a 7lupus month loss, continuously refer to it as "the miscarriage".

ffkatie said...

The lady in white- young child murdered.

The Pacific- Several scenes of civilians, young toddlers and babies being killed or dead.

Up- For the record, talks about infertility, but very uplifting and you can empathize with Carl and his wife. I actually love this movie.