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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blogs from a Pregnant Mommy, and Post Phoenix Baby Perspective

This is a blog directory of mom's who are currently pregnant or have delivered a child after a previous baby loss. Often times conceiving a child after the loss of another can be an especially difficult and/or emotional pregnancy. These blogs are from women who are either experiencing, or who have experienced, a Phoenix Baby (also known as a Rainbow Baby) pregnancy and the unique emotions often times involved.
  1. Blessings From Above Ty was stillborn at 34 weeks on 01/26/09
    Mother to one older child and a Phoenix Baby due in Jan 2010
  2. My Life After Loss Twins Nicholas who died on 02/01/08 and Sophia on 02/16/08
    and Alexander who died on 11/23/08
    Mother to Phoenix Twins born 09/10/09
  3. Waves Over Stones Blaine was born into the arms of Jesus on April 13th 2010, we are now journeying through the pregnancy of our Pheonix baby Caleb, due May 26th 2011.
  4. Dot's Diner Subsequent pregnancy after the loss of her daughter Acacia to Trisomy 18 in September 2009
  5. My World Author blogs about the loss of her daughter, Cara, to pre eclampsia syndrome and her subsequent pregnancy with her Rainbow Carter.
  6. Missing Olivia Author is pregnant with her fourth baby and is the mother of 3 angels

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April said...

Our Broken Hearts
Daughter Morgan Alyssa was born and died on 09/08/08 and miscarried Baby Blumpy on 10/08/09. Currently TTC.

Lori said...

Somewhere over the Rainbows

My second son, Landon James, was born at full term, with no brain function on June 22, 2009. He died in my arms 14 days later, on July 6th. Six months later, I got pregnant again, only to miscarry at around 8 weeks. I now have rainbow twins, Rebekah and Gracie.