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The intent of this blog is to form an interactive community where parents of dead babies can come together and swap information, stories, tears, memories and encouragement. This is designed to be a neutral place. We are not religious nor are we anti-religious. Come as you are. You can sign the guest book, add your baby(ies) to the baby name memory list, review books on infant death, add warnings about movies and books that contain a dead baby, add your blog to our directory or a number of other things. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to see something added to this blog. Rule One: be kind to each other. We're all in this together. We all suffer and miss our babies madly.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Songs that Comfort

This is a list of songs and music that have given members of the DBC comfort, or songs they can relate to. We've added a music player, but not all songs are available for use with the player. You can add to our playlist for the music player, or you can submit a song to our comfort list (a link to the lyrics or another site that hosts the song would be nice). We also encourage music you have written to be submitted (a link to hear your song would be nice if it's available).

Comfort Song List
Address in the Stars - Caitlin & Will
Held - Natalie Grant
He's My Son - Mark Shultz
Cry on my Shoulder - Overflow
Homesick - Mercy Me
You Wouldn't Cry (Andrew's Song) - Mandisa
I Still Miss You - Keith Anderson
Living for the Night - George Straight
If Your Going Through Hell - Rodney Atkins
Angel - Robbie Williams
Shelter in the Rain - Stevie Wonder
Smile - Chris Rice
Hold My heart - Tenth Avenue North (Lyrics UA)


Emily said...

Homesick by Mercy Me - makes me cry every time. Also, Cry On My Shoulder by Overflow, though not really related to grief as much as struggle in general. :)

Mary said...

You Wouldn't Cry (Andrew's Song) by Mandisa. Say what you want about American Idol but they have found a treasure here. Mandisa met an angel mommy. That is how this song came about. I love it.

Mary said...

OK I found another one. Shelter In The Rain by Stevie Wonder.

Andrew said...

Smile by Chris Rice
Hold My heart by Tenth Avenue North

Two good songs that have comforted me through this time. Smile was the song I picked during the pregnancy, and Hold My Heart for everything else that happened.

Andrew (from We Have A Device For that, biker_bean.livejournal.com)

Karen said...

My husband made a CD in memory of our baby boy George before I was released from hospital. He and our children had it playing in the van as we drove to make funeral arrangements. He mixed songs that are meaningful to our family (George is patron saint of England, hence the Great Big Sea song - a favourite of our kids). I listen to this CD over and over and over. It gives me great comfort. I especially love John Lennon's Beautiful Boy and Naked As We Came by Iron & Wine. Here's the list:

George's CD

Brother - Beck
Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) - John Lennon
Lovesong - The Cure
Naked As We Came - Iron & Wine
Yellow Submarine - The Beatles
Into Your Arms - The Lemonheads
England - Great Big Sea
Gabriel - Lamb
Fix You - Coldplay
Diamond - Low
Octopus's Garden - The Beatles


Tenielle said...

Smallest, Wingless by Craig Cardiff is about babyloss. We played it at Ianto's funeral, and had a line from it in his birth announcement - "We said hello at the same time that we said goodbye"

Amanda said...

I Will Carry You - Selah
Glory Baby - Watermark
Your Hands - JJ Heller

Robb S said...

"My Angel Princess" (player is on right):