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Friday, October 9, 2009

Question of the Week

When my son Logan died in January I wanted desperately to have a way for him to leave his mark on this earth, physically.  We didn't have a grave site for him as he was at U of M for many months undergoing his autopsy, and then later his ashes were sent home to us, where they currently remain.  My husband and I decided to plant a tree in Logan's honor at a local park.  There is also a plaque at the base of the tree.  I wanted people to see that there was a child here who had a name.  He was wanted, he is loved and he is missed.  The park is where I would have taken him to play, it seemed like an appropriate location.  The tree now serves as a symbol of our son and has become an integreal part of our memory of him.  You can see Loga's Weeping Willow and Plaque here.

The question is:

Did you do anything to memorialize your child physically?  Plant a tree, flower, garden?  Create a pond?  Buy a brick, a bench, a stone?
If so, we'd like to hear the story and get a link to a picture (if there is one available).

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Once A Mother said...

my daughter's grave has become a monument to her, her stone is not in yet, but I have been sure to keep flowers, plants and decorations at her spot. Some would say it's over the top, but if she had lived I would have spoiled her then too, so it seemed appropriate. My daughters site can be viewed at this post about the way we marked her first birthday...

My husband and I also climbed to the top of a local mountain and wrote her name at the most beautiful overlook we could find. The link to pictures of that are here... http://onceamother.blogspot.com/2009/07/family-mountain-moment.html