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Monday, September 19, 2011

Question: Mementos

What is your favourite keepsake?  Who gave it to you?  Why is it so memorable?

What is the one item, other than your child obviously, that you wish you had kept or received?


KnottedFingers said...

My favorite keepsake is probably the hand and foot molds the nurses did at the hospital. It's a physical representation of my daughter's hands and feet as they were at the time of her death.

I with the hospital had given me Calypso's hospital bands. Instead they threw them out, not even offering them to me.

Sarah said...

Mine are Parker's hand and foot molds. Although its a close second is the blanket he was wrapped in when he died in my arms. The blanket still smells like him 2 years later.

I only wish the hospital had offered professional pictures to us. I would love to have more pictures!

Holly said...

I'd say her blanket b/c it touched her for most of her life.

I wish I would've got 3D hand and foot molds. I knew about them but I don't know why I didn't do them.

Heather said...

I have weird feelings about all of my keepsakes. They all hold a dear spot, and yet I find that I hate them at the same time. My cousin made me a name print (she has a store) that had Logan's name on it, and then the verse from 2 Samual "...He shall not return to me, but I shall go to him." That is pretty special to me. Then of course his tree we planted at the park. And I have an afghan a stranger made me out of the blue for Logan. And the jewelery I bought in his honor... But there are two things I so desperately want to this day...profesional pictures and plaster casts. I just didn't know they were options... I would have loved to have had his hands or feet...shoot, maybe even his face! But in the end I know that most of the momentos (aside from a ring I bought that I wear daily) stay locked up in the trunk with the rest of his stuff.