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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Baby and Infant Urns

According to Blogger Stats, one of the main reasons people find this blog is because they are searching for baby or infant urns.  Incredibly sad.  I always say, I hate that you have to be here but I'm glad you are.  I decided to do a post on different sites that offer cremain products and some creative ones that I've found.  Please feel free in the comment section to add your own choices.  Here is a link to our original post on baby urns.

Choosing a cremation product for your child is one of the hardest and most important things you will ever do as a bereaved parent.  For most of us it will be the final resting place for our children's ashes.  There are so many things to think of.  You want something that will reflect your personality, your family and what the child meant to you.  Maybe you want to include something that reminds you of your child such as butterflies or rainbows or a cartoon character.  Most manufacturers of cremain products understand this and so have huge varieties to offer.  You also want to look at how well the product will stand up over time.  The quality of the product.  Do you want something to bury or keep at home?  For me personally I could not stand the thought of being away from my son's ashes.  When I first brought him home I slept with the box.  I had the idea to just carry them around in my purse but that didn't seem right.  I decided on a pendant urn.  A pendant urn is a necklace.  You fill it with the cremains and then seal it and you wear it.  Here is a photo of the one I purchased...

It was purchased from a website, "In the Light Urns."
For some, unfortunately, price is an issue.  It was for me.  I had to find something I loved for under $200.  Almost all manufacturers offer many inexpensive choices.  If price is not an issue you can purchase customized urns as well, in almost any imaginable design or material. 

Here are some sites I have come across, some may be duplicated from our original post...



Holly said...

My Forever Child offers cremation necklaces

Heather said...

Your necklace is quite beautiful. It was a good choice. In the end I went with a heart shaped urn that I placed inside of a teddy bear made from stillborn Alpaca's that I bought from a nearby farm that we frequented. But wow! What a huge decision that was. It took me a year. Nothing seemed so horrific than trolling baby urn websites, and I was so affraid I wouldn't be happy with what I chose. I'm still not sure if I am, but in the end I figure that really nothing will be good enough. Thank you for this post!

crystal theresa said...

Your necklace is really beautiful, and I'm glad you can have him close to your heart. Louie and I also chose Calvin's urn from In the Light Urns (they were so easy to work with, which was helpful). Looking for an earn was really difficult to do, but it also felt good when we found the right one. I wrote a short blog post after we picked it: A Place for Calvin's Ashes.

Anonymous said...

My version of a short story
I had triplets in 2010 at 23wk and after a hard 13 days in the NICU we couldnt keep putting them through life for "us" and lost all 3 of our babies. We have 2 other children who were 1 and 7 but the loss still remains. I found our blogs looking for a necklace as we just lost our father in law in May.
I did want to share I wanted a urn designed for my 3 babies not just one or 3 separate ones and found a guy who was touched by my story he wanted to help and offer a new avenue for personalized urns. This was not his line of work as he makes head stones but found a manufacture in China who would miniaturize it for us. He has the head stone we want in a urn and we were able to design it with their feet, names, quote, "A" and colors to go with what each baby wore. http://www.monuments-wholesale.com/personalized.html

I also have to brag about Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Photography. They are free and came to take photos of our Luke as he passed at 3 days and he returned at 12 days to take photo's of all 3 of them an then photo's of us with them. They were not for everyone to see but looking back I am glad we did this and so are my other 2 children.
My cousin lost her twin and said it is hard to watch one grow knowing she had a brother to be next to her.
Your angel will live on in your heart.
I also had the hospital foot print imaged to transparent paper and have a tattoo of their actually feet with wings, names and a halo. My husband has the alternating feet of my tattoo but his is over his heart mine was bigger and on my ankle.

Moe Satriani said...

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I know several people that have done this, and they all have said that they feel much better. I have even heard of people doing this with their pets as well. I usually make a paw prints memorial plaque for my pets and prefer to carry my children with me.