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Thursday, December 2, 2010

December's Feature - Subsequent Pregnancy

Sorry, this is late. My daughter and I have had the stomach flu. :( I also didn't get any submissions for this month so I'm just going to write a bit about my own experience, ask some questions and list some blogs that I follow where the BLM is having a subsequent pregnancy.

I found out that I was pregnant with my Pheonix baby on September 17th. The day before my son's due date. It was a blessing because I knew his due date would be rough on me. All of the expectations of having him here with us. We are obviously thrilled but considerable nervous. I stay pretty calm and collected most days but some days I am a wreck of worry and anxiety. Luckily I am getting more medical attention this time around so I have more chances to relieve my fears. I just posted today on my blog about how I am treating this pregnancy differently than my other two (I have a living daughter who is 5). If you are expecting congratulations! How are you treating this pregnancy different than the last? Are you attending a subsequent pregnancy support group? Did you delay telling people this time around? Are you finding a lot of support online for subsequent pregnancy? Have you already had your baby and are a success story? Please share any links to your blog that you'd like to share regarding your Rainbow. Here are some links to BLM's I follow who are pregnant after loss.

My World

A Rainbow and A Butterfly

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Mary said...

I am currently 29 weeks. I was very blessed and had an uncomplicated pregnancy the first time around. I am again blessed to not have had any issues this time either. But being on this side of loss, there are more moments spent in fear. I freak out more if time goes by when my Rainbow doesn't move. I feel like I am being annoying to her as I constantly am feeling my belly to see if she will react. I fear even more the days after she is born as my son passed away after birth. I have to calm myself down more this time around. I haven't even done anything to the nursery as it both brings me fear of the unknown future and excitement for the unknown. The thrill of shopping for her is also now tainted with fear. I battle this everyday and pray that I can for a moment a day try to enjoy this pregnancy.

Holly said...

I had my rainbow on Sept 22 this year. We told people as soon as we found out only because we wanted people to be praying for us and our baby. PAL is def different than a regular pregnancy. There are more fears, worries, etc about something happening. I'm very thankful to have had no problems at all this past pregnancy but I still feared my baby dying. Of course now I worry about SIDS but I'm much more relieved that she is here.

Olivia's Mom said...

This is our 4th pregnancy (we have 3 angels), and I must say...I'm much more hesitant this time around than ever before. We had a lot more time spaced between each of our other babies, so I guess maybe I was more prepared mentally. However, we got pregnant 10 months after we lost our daughter this time -- not to mention this being our 4th -- so I'm more cautious and worried 24/7. I'm not part of any support groups, but blog and follow blogs of those in similar situations. I didn't delay telling anyone when we found out about Baby #4, since I knew that Heaven forbid something happen, I would need support. We found out earlier this time than ever before, and those close to us found out soon after we did. I figure the more prayers we can get, the better! For the most part, I'm just trying to remain hopeful and enjoy this new life, while still mourning the loss of our daughter this time last year. It's a hard balance to find...

My blog is http://missingolivia.blogspot.com/

Heather said...

First off I feel like a Jerk Elaine for not having read this sooner. Congrat's!! I haven't gotten pregnant since my loss, yet. We're considering this summer. I am so full of emotions about the issue that I can barely think about it much these days. But I will certainly delve into some of the sites you listed. There is also a directory here, maybe you can add yours and the others to the Pregnant Post Lost directory (if you haven't already that is).