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Friday, December 11, 2009

Question of the week

With the gift giving holidays fast approaching, have you decided to purchase a gift for, or in rememberance of, your little one?  If so, what is it and what are your plans for it?


Holly said...

I haven't bought a gift for anybody else or for my daughter but I did buy ornaments in remembrance of my babies and made donations to great causes in their memory.

Heather said...

I have "crazy lady" moments where I contemplate buying a gift for my son that I think I would have bought him were he here today. Something small. He'd be 7 months old now, and I "think" about it, buying him odds and ends. I haven't yet. Not to say that I won't. The "crazy lady" might win and I might purchase something and tuck it away in his memory box, wrapped and unopened of course. Shortly after his death last year I bought an ornament with a poem on it. At the time it seemed so fitting. It hangs in my scrapbook room. But now, just shy of a year after his death, I find that I don't know what I want to do, or if I want to do anything at all. I struggle with wondering how much is too much. How much is just picking at the scab that is trying so hard to heal. Hallmark has an ornament this year with a baby boy angel sleeping in front of a candle that I've contemplated for a while. (http://www.hallmark.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product%7C10001%7C10051%7C935295%7C215589;221068;221081%7Cnull%7CP1R4SO%7Cstores) But my personal side is that I am tired of hearing my son being called an angel. I can't explain why. Regardless, it just seems like an appropriate ornament, and I may end up buying it yet.

Once A Mother said...
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Once A Mother said...

I have purchased an ornament in honor of Peyton, a little angel baby swaddled in pink which we hung on our little Peyton tree. While I wish my little one was here to spoil, she is not, so I have decided to honor her instead this holiday through charity work and donations.

Heather said...

My first intention was to buy them each a gift appropriate for whatever age they would have been, and then donate it. But this year my son's school did Operation Christmas Child, where you fill up a shoebox for a particular age/sex, and I took 2 extras, each one for a little girl.
I'm also going to get ornaments but haven't had the guts to actually order them yet...too real maybe. I did buy little stockings with the initials of my DH, son, myslef , and my girls on each. DH didnt want me to buy them full-size stockings with their names, so this was the compromise.
Our gift to them was buying a little cedar tree and mini ornaments and decorating it for them at their grave. Tiny snowflakes and little pink ornaments with an angel on top. It was hard, so hard.
This really does suck.