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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

How did you spend the New Year? Did you do anything special for your little one? How are you feeling about 2011? Optimistic or just another day?

To be quite honest I've run out of topics for the blog of the month so if you have some ideas please share!!


Dawn Brown said...

I've seen a lot of blogs on reflections from the past year of grief - seems appropriate for the new year.
**HUGS** to all the BLM's starting this new year and hopefully a new chapter in life.

Heather said...

I hate the holidays. Partly because Logan's anniversary is in January. But I dunno. The New Year has always been the hardest part of the holidays for me. Its the first day of the wretched month he died. Its also a symble of new beginnings, and I'm still not in a place where I want a new one. I want the old one. It also marks another year that has passed, another year gone, lost in my grief and moving further away from what tiny smidgen I had of my son. From about Thanksgiving to Valentines Day I'd just assume sleep through it all.

Holly said...

I slept thru the ball drop like I do most years. I didn't do anything special. Just another day to me!

For 2011 I am optimistic for it to be a good year.

Dana said...

I wanted to sleep through it, but my husband wanted to watch the ball and I happened to wake up in time. I feel like I am leaving Jacob behind a little, since his entire life was lived in 2010. 2010 will always be his year and I kinda wanted to keep living in his year.