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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September's Feature: Making Connections

Nicole and her husband Daniel lost their precious daughter Avery Nicole at 25 weeks on March 13th 2010. Avery Nicole was born sleeping due to MTHFR C677T and Factor II G20210A, both blood clotting disorders. Nicole began blogging in June as a way to cope with her loss and to channel her thoughts and feelings. Since starting her own blog, The Avery Diaries, http://myaverynicole.blogspot.com/, Nicole has discovered the huge and hugely supportive community of bereaved parents. A community quick to lend support or a shoulder to cry on. Wanting to do more to reach out to these other parents Nicole set up a new blog aptly titled "BLM Penpals." It is nothing fancy or expensive. Just a group of mostly mom's lending support and encouragement specifically on the days when we need it the most, i.e. due dates and special occasions. Imagine how it feels to walk to your mailbox and see a note or a card from another parent who happened to be thinking of you that week. I myself as a member also find it exciting to go out and look for little trinkets or cards that remind me of the women I spend so much time with online. Nicole has done an amazing job in honouring her daughters life and in reaching out to make connections with other parents. Please go over and check out her blog. Please feel free to leave any supportive comments here for Nicole and if you are interested you can find the information for the BLM Penpal program on Nicole's personal blog. Feel free to share with us any other links you've found helpful in making connections within the community.

October's Feature: Multiple Loss

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Jessica said...

BLM Penpals will be a great thing for everyone involved I just know it! I agree that Nicole had a GREAT idea by creating the group :)

Nicole said...

Thank you again, Elaine, for your kind words. I am honored to be featured.
And thank you, Jessica!!

Heather said...

I just came across her blog about a week ago and loved the penpal feature. We tried to do that here on the DBC blog, but I just didn't know how to go about getting everyone contected and it sort of fell through the cracks. Perhaps we can add a button for a direct link to Nicole's BLM Penpals if its ok with Nicole. Thanks for such a great feature Elaine. This is a wonderful addition to the DBC blog.

Mary said...

This was a great piece. It would be nice to connect with others.